Controleer Beschikbaarheid



Bread basket with butter and aioli 5,75 (1,3,7,10,11)
Carpaccio with arugula, parmesan, pesto dressing 13,00 (1,7,10)
Thinly sliced serrano ham with port jelly olives, sun-dried tomatoes and lamb’s lettuce 12,00 (7,10)
Marinated king prawns with smoked salmon and a sauce of mustard-mayonnaise 13,50 (2,4,7,10)
Vegan oyster mushroom carpaccio with lamb's lettuce and wasabi cream (V) 13,00 (6,10)
Clear beef stock with cream 6,00 (7,9)
Fresh tomato soup, crème fraiche and croutons (V) 6,00 (1,7)
Trio of mustard soup 7,00 (1,7,9,10)




Halibut fillet with black pasta and paprika sauce 24,00 (1,3,4,7,9)

Cod fish with serrano ham crumbs and mustard sauce 24,00 (1,4,9,10)
Grilled veal rib-eye with herb butter sauce 26,00 (1,7,9)

Pork belly and pork medallion with a thyme gravy 20,00 (1,9)

Baked duck breast fillet with mushroom, sugar pods and mini corn 23,00 (1,6)

Crepes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese (V) 20,00 (1,3,6,7)

Vegan pasta Teriyaki (V) 17,50 (1,3,6) 


All maincourses will be served with warm vegetables, salad and  matching patato garnish 


Hunebed Highway menu:

Let us surprise you with our new menu. It is a special surprise 3-course diner for 37,50.



White chocolate mousse with passion fruit sorbet 8,00 (1,3,7,8)

Orange bavarois with vanilla ice cream 7,50 (1,3,7,8)

Lavender parfait with almond mousse 8,00 (1,3,7,8)

Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce 7,00 (1,3,7,8)

Pallet with different kinds of cheese 12,50 (1,3,7,8,10)


1= gluten, 2=crustaceans, 3=eggs, 4=fish, 5=peanuts, 6=soy, 7= milk incl. lactose, 8=nuts, 9=celery, 10=mustard, 11= sesame seed, 12=sulfur dioxide & sulfite, 13=lupine, 14=molluscs

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