Controleer Beschikbaarheid



Bread basket with butter and aioli  5,75  (1,3,7,10,11)

Carpaccio with rocket and sun-dried tomatoes 9,75 (7,10) 

Salad with Iberian ham and melon 12,50 (3,7,10)  

Fish tasting: salmon, eel and a small bisque 13,50 (1,2,3,47,9) 

Poultry terrine with plum compote 8,75 (3,7,8)

Home made vegetable spring roll with salad 8,50 (V) (1,6,9)

Oxtail soup 5,50 (9)

Paprika soup 5,50 (V) (9)

Bisque 6,00  (2,7,9)


Fortress Menu

Let us suprise you with our new Fortress  menu. It is a special surprise 3-course diner for 35,00.



Haddock fillet with a lobster sauce 22,50  (2,4,7,9)

Red mullet cooked in the oven with chimichurri 22,50  (4)
Angus steak with prawns and a red port sauce 25,00 (1,2,9)

Porkfillet with mushroomsauce 21,50 (1,3,7)

Coq au vin18,00 (1)

Fried calf’s liver with mushrooms and onions 21,00 (1)

Vegetarian Quiche 18,00 (V) (1,3,7)

Mushrooms lasagne 18,00 (V) (1,3,7)

All maincourses will be served with warm vegetables, salad and matching potato garnish.


Plate dishes

Schnitzel with mushrooms, bacon and onion 17,50 (1,3,7)

Chicken sate with peanut sauce 16,50 (1,5,6,7)

Fried pangasius with hollandaise sauce 15,00 (1,3,4,7)

Served with salad, mayonnaise and fries


Our desserts

French toast of sugar bread with vanilla ice cream and a compote of apple, pear and raisin 6,75 (1,3,7)

Green apple parfait and forest fruit ice-cream 6,75 (1,3,7)

Chocolate cake with orange ice cream and vanilla sauce 9,50 (1,3,6,7)

Fried banana with coconut ice cream 6,75 (1,3,7)

White lady 7,50 (1,3,7)

Pallet with different kinds of cheese 12,50 (1,3,7)

Our ice-cream is traditional made by “La Dolce” in Coevorden


1= gluten, 2=crustaceans, 3=eggs, 4=fish, 5=peanuts, 6=soy, 7= milk incl. lactose, 8=nuts, 9=celery, 10=mrd, 11= sesame seed, 12=sulfur dioxide & sulfite, 13=lupine, 14=molluscsusta



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